Choosing Greece for my Wedding Story.

Every love story is beautiful, yet every love story spins a tail as unique as the two individuals involved, and is most definitely one to be remembered and cherished. A story like no other ever written. Relatively speaking, there is no way to capture the essence of true love. The closest thing we have to dedicate in its honor is the wedding and the holy sacrament of marriage. Where two people declare their commitment to each other amidst family, friends and God, to witness and celebrate their chosen union. This is a pivotal point in a couples life as they now begin a new movement together. From this day forward, they will celebrate and remember this yearly anniversary as the day their two lives became intertwined as one.

The heart and soul poured into the planning of this monumental event is extraordinary. From flowers to invitations, dresses to cakes, each aspect is just as special as the next and requires thought and personal attention to make this love story their own. Many fortunate couples are able to host destination events, where friends, family and invitees all attend locations abroad. One of the most intricate and beautiful of choices in locations that I have seen are weddings that are organized around traditional, and ceremonial landmarks, such as Greece. Greece is world reknown for its beauty and aesthetics. Infamous photographers such as George Hatzakos and Angela Varveri of rChive Visual Storytellers, have been known to provide such exquisite photographic imagery infiltrating the country’s ageless beauty and unmatched landmarks, that the wedding stories themselves become as detailed as a finely depicted independent film shot abroad. Their entire workflow is dedicated to the art of capturing life and using creativity to accent it. As artists themselves, with an eye and passion for visual stimulation, they have mastered the skills of capturing the most beautiful love stories ever  told.

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