Destination wedding photography – The wedding of Dina & Markos – Ikaria  30/7/2016 – Preview post by rChive Visual Storytellers

Have you ever been to Ikaria? If not we think you should consider visiting. It is a special place filled with life, the island of music, the Ikariotikos dance and many festivals. The people “have a special relationship with time,” they seem to govern it.
Markos’ home village and Dina’s dream. Both Greeks, living in the United States, with a love for each other and Greece. The heart of a Greek beats differently — the Greek way..


A story of beautiful people, with smiles so warm and genuine. Friends and loved ones came from all over the world, with caring wishes and loads of surprises that enhanced the days of our stay, leaving us with unforgettable images and memories.


We will never forget how seventy people from thousands of miles away gathered on a rock in ten minutes to be photographed with the couple, in courtesy of this special occasion. Such a happy moment… ever so touching.


Dina had told us on many occasions that everything had to be done in a traditional way, like a classic “Ikariotiko Panigiri,” the absolute identity of Ikaria! Almost identical to the customary ways of old times.


Markos was prepped by a group of close friends, a “torturous” experience that will be remembered by all with laughter and mirth. The groom had to be exhausted in every possible way before he was handed to the bride. The bride’s preparation took place under completely “sane” and feminine conditions at the Erofili Hotel, overlooking the sea.


The ceremony took place at a church exactly next to Markos’ house. The party was held in the churchyard of his home village. All members of both families and friends organized wooden benches and tables for guests to sit and eat at during the celebration. Needless to say everyone was invited. Over a thousand people attended, maybe even more. Rasko – local goat – and various delicious dishes were served with plenty of Ikarian wine for higher spirits.


And yes it was happening. A beautiful ceremony took place in the warmth of the village church. Our eyes paused on every smiling face. Emotions filled the evening air with loving wishes and vows. Then the ultimate component of the festival – dance – and, of course, the Ikariotikos dance. Young and old people and children all together hugging and dancing in circles with passion to traditional Ikarian songs played by the live band, some of Greece’s best musicians. Hospitality, sociability, offerings, commitment and generosity, a meeting point for locals, but also for people coming from far away to share this happy moment. They carried us away in their festive mood that we hoped would last forever…


We wish you joy and happiness on this wonderful journey, as you build your lives together.



Τι μουσική!

Ποτέ ας μην τελειώσει…



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