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“On the run … suggestions, counter-suggestions, demands, suspense, strain, objections, fits of rage, explosions, exasperation, weariness. All there for this notorious wedding day. The truth is we cannot recall much. We couldnt even enjoy this day as much as we would like to. What remained  in the end, is the wedding gown, the suit and the photographs. The clothes have already been condemned to life sentence in the closet. On the other hand the photos spread  and expand as would a  virus. Leaving everyone with some kind of quirk in the mouth. Who ever saw the photos realized the mistake made in their own wedding. It is not only a matter of quality that intimidates the work of other artists in the field, but also the creativity and imagination that arises from  this opportunity called wedding and all that is eventually imprinted in the material delivered. 

The ceremony, the party and the styled day after photo shoot, with photos that are immured in frames and decorate furniture and mantlepieces, is something everyone has access to. Our wedding photographers have immortalized the whole time line of our preparations. That is those candid and very real moments before the official massacre of the freedom of two people. Many more extras as a separate concept were prepared  for us by the rChive team highlighting our personalities. That we shall not reveal. And we were surprised. George and Angela did not deliver us with material to be seen in the future with farsighted glasses, but images from our personal short period in time. This special period that everyone will look back on, to revive memories passed. In conclusion they are excellent professionals, and they have excellent personalities …”


Alex & Despoina, Kifissia, Athens



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About this wedding in Kifissia


Kifissia – (Cephisia) the  was a deme of ancient Attica, a famous retreat of philosophers during the reign of the Roman emperor Hadrian, when the wealthy Herodes Atticus of Marathon, Greece built the Villa Cephisia. In his Attic NightsAulus Gellius describes the unique ambiance of intellectual ferment and aristocratic leisure in an idyllic setting which he created there. Now a strong part od this life story Kifissia remains a suburb with unique character and a mood.

The story of Alex and Despoina. A combination of the all time classic chic of Kifissia, the birth town of both and the strong personality of two authentic rock stars! Such perfect  harmony… and so much natural beauty!

Being fanatic lovers of  images that are evocative and get you wondering, this magnificent couple gave us all the inspiration to keep us alert for quite a long time. We followed them everywhere. Wedding proposals, bridal rehearsals, tatoo studios, and so much more. Moments that will always linger and remain vivid to our eyes  and hearts.

A small selection of images from a story well told.

Wedding photographer Athens | Kifissia Wedding

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