Photographer Athens // Vas & Seb at Island Gallery

Vas & Seb in Island Gallery

Photographer Athens

Wedding Photography in

Island Art & Taste | Gallery

We live in a fairy tale  with alternate endings. No safety net is there to prevent us from slipping, no caution signs to guide our steps. Conflicting images appear to us harmonious and opposites are blended to form bland. Love and passion interfere with success and other such necessities, but, as if by miracle and through thousands of contradictions, finds its way no matter what. Yearning for the meaningful, it is transformed to harmony. 

Life is moving pictures and each time we blink our eyes the world shifts beneath our feet, And we shift along in an endless dance. To a music that elevates the spirit, to a place of transcending beauty. This determines the nature of our photographs.

Moments, memories and dreams…

We go back a little over one year, when we met this amazing family. It was for Eleni and Tom’s wedding. This time its was for her beautiful younger sister Vas, getting married to Seb at Island Gallery. It was an honour and a priviledge to be trusted and chosen as their wedding photographers, their storytellers. 

So different from Eleni yet so similar in the essence, Vas is a beautiful combination of shy and sensitive, yet sharp, intense and very passionate. 

Seb, is a gentleman. Any other description would intimidate this title. But he is much more. Courtesy is as much a mark of a gentleman as courage :-)  And what a challenge it must be  to be a member of this very special family. To dance zeibekiko with the pros! 

What does it take to dance zeibekiko ? This amazingly difficult dance, mainly because it has no steps and no particular rhythm. What it calls for is inner intensity, as it is an improvised dance that expresses feelings. 

Originally strictly a man’s dance. Not embarrassed to manifest pain or weaknesses, the real man ignores social conventions and shallow condescension. He will pick the lyric that expresses his personal state of mind and he will dance it out, Humbly and with dignity. He will dance only this once,  he will not monopolize the floor, or be interrupted.

After Tom who will now boast as “palios”, Seb proved his worth :-) 
Only pending issue …coming shortly… is his ability to join our Zacapa tradition. 

Thank you for trusting us with your memories.

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We are moment hunters. Hunting for words that reveal who you are and the way you connect to each other. We turn these words to images that tell your story.

Someone needs to tell these stories. Like when the pirates find their treasures, and the princesses their prince. We need to tell these bits of overlapping narrative.

There’s magic in that. It is in us.

Island Gallery

Athens Photographer

And for each one of us it will be different, and it will touch you, us,  in ways we can never predict. From the mundane to the profound. Don’t forget, there are many kinds of magic. And you can take this story and shape it. Then it will take residence in your heart. And in ours.  You are the life of it. 

This is our role.

And this is our gift. 

Images from the heart

For those meant to be...

 Our studio is one of the top choices for your wedding photography and cinematography in Athens and Island Art & Taste.
See samples of our photography in Island Private House, Residence and Gallery.

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Wedding dress: Riki Dalal Haute Couture – Shakespeare collection
Bridal shoes: Sophia Webster
Mua: The Fair Eleni SisterOfTheBride
Rings: 77 Diamonds / London  UK

Groom’s suit: Corneliani
Groom’s cufflinks and belt: Mont Blanc
Groom’s shoes: Church’s
Groom Preps: Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso

Wedding Panning and Coordination but more: The amazing Liza, MotherOfTheBride
Flower design: Les Fleuristes 

Greek Dance Tutor: Dimitris (It’s a family situation)
Light And Sound: Longplay
DJ: Miltos
Treats: Tsirou / Glyfada
Guest Book : Type Center

The ceremony and reception took place at the well known Island Art & Taste | The Gallery
Catering: Deipnosofistirion

Wedding Photographer Athens: arChive Visual Storytellers
 Guest photographer: Mr Tom Lee

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Wedding Photography Athens // Eleni & Tom Island Private House

Eleni & Tom in Island Private House

Wedding Photographer Athens


Featurette Wedding Film


Images from the heart

For those meant to be...

 Our studio is one of the top choices for your wedding photography and cinematography in Athens and Island Art & Taste.
See samples of our photography in Island Private House, Residence and Gallery.

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Wedding Venue: Island Art & Taste Private house
Wedding dress: Primalicia
Bridal shoes: Jimmy Choo
MUA and Hair Styling: Joanna Stella Papathanassiou
Groom Preps: Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso
Catering: Aria Fine Catering

Wedding Photographer Athens: arChive Visual Storytellers

Wedding Photography Album // Spetses

Storytelleling Clip

Wedding Photography Album

#1 See Here

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Hash tag #pepefaiou and who could know ..

When she grows up she wants to be a ballerina spinning.
Who could know but Elon Musk.
In Rotterdam.
Where things went out of hand.
But who could know?

And as there are no ways of knowing for sure,
there are these special ways of knowing
for pretty sure.

Over a game of playstation.
Over a well cooked meal.

In just a split of a second
or a split of it,
between everyday lines

That it is, in the knowing that we grow
and love will expand to contain us.

But who would know?
Over a glass of wine,
over this one,
particularly this one twitch of the lip.

Because theres always someone who knows something.

About fairy tales.
Abstract and unique,
reflective by nature.

Fairy tales, that project on us as we project on them.
Like words that we make up
to giggle,
to share,
to intimacy,
to special meanings,
to odd translations.

To friendship.
But who would know,
but old best friends
and new ones.

To care and share.
To shed a tear for the lost of childhood,
and the untangleable bonds,
that will remain forever and ever.

But who could know that some things are meant to be, as we met again and again, on friends weddings and we were chosen instinctively. As we chose them. It was inevitable for here was a story that had to be told.

The Wedding

Wedding Photography Spetses

An amazing island. A destination that will stay in your heart and make you smile every time you think of it. An island that will seduce you and make your life easier as your wedding destination.

Blessed by its beauty. Too pretty, too accessible and too popular. An elegant choice for #pepefaiou and a perfect match.

One could tell that It was going to be Spetses.
This is an island where your senses immediately come alive: the air, refreshingly warm, carries the smell of the sea one moment, then freshly baked pastries the next. Locals drink their espressos and frappés as they play backgammon in the shade and eye the latest arrivals climbing out of the red-and-white water taxis.

Around the corner from the port, the winding, cobbled coastal road opens into a wide, expansive piazza that acts as a forecourt for the Poseidonion, a grand, august hotel styled like a château and modelled on the Carlton in Cannes and the Negresco in Nice.
There is something timeless about the square, and indeed the island itself. It is as close to the idyllic Hellenic picture as you can imagine: fishermen lay out their catch by the seafront as the locals stroll along the promenade, past impressive villas, domed churches and traditional tavernas with tables lining the road. Cars being banned from the town,   horse-drawn carriages rattle through the backstreets
The Venetians named the island Spezia, meaning spice , but it could just as well have been after the powerful scents of jasmine and pine , bougainvillea and hibiscus. But then we could go on forever, about this and about #pepefaiou and anything about this wedding.

 The amazing venue of Poseidonion Grand Hotel was going to host the preparation of Faye. Hospitality, and belle epoque style luxury, only fitting to our special bride to be. The groom and his friends at a private villa – enjoying the swimming pool until the very last minute. A beautiful coach carried our bride to Agios Nikolaos a church overlooking the old harbour. 

The reception  was to take place at the well known “Kaiki”. The beautiful decoration of Fevronia and organized by Mae Mavroudi of Greek Weddings made the world of a difference.
And as it is obviously implied, wedding photography spetses by arChive Visual Storytellers

This was a wedding to remember. And these are two people we will always keep deep in our hearts.

And who would know?

If a man asks a girl for a date…
That’s his business.
If the girl accepts…
That’s her business.
If the man and the girl decide to marry…
That’s their business.
However, if they want great wedding photographs…


Images from the Heart

for those meant to be…

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